The Brightside
limited edition bubble bar

the product
a brand new invention fresh from the LUSH kitchens! The Brightside is a bright and cheerful bubble bar to bring you a fresh perspective. This bubble bar is a triple threat. Triple orange that is! With Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oils, Brightside will have you awake and jiving in no time.

the ingredients
sicilian mandarin oil: eases insomnia, nervous tension and restlessness.
bergamot oil: eases anxiety and depression.

the results
Since The Brightside is a large bubble bar slice, I chopped mine up into quarters and crumbled one into the tub. At first the bubbles are not every abundant. However, I’ve found that the best way to get the most bubbles out of your bar is the vigorously swish your hand through the water after you have crumbled the bar into the tub. This creates mounds of extremely fluffy bubbles. And man are those bubbles soft. Super soft, actually. The Brightside also turns the bath water a vibrant orange, which is very pretty. The fragrance is what really gets me, though. This bubble bar smells exactly like a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The fragrance is extremely uplifting, cheerful and bright (duh!). The bubbles last for ages too.

the verdict
Everyone needs to run out to their local LUSH and pick up one of these ASAP! Actually, pick up a whole basket ‘cause these babies are perfection. Hands down my favorite bubble bar I have ever used. Please do not use a bath bomb with this bar. It just doesn’t need it. This baby shines on its own.

the price
$8.95 USD

the grade

*side note
The Brightside is the same size as Blue Skies and The Comforter bubble bars, but is two dollars less, so this guy is also a great value!

The Brightside is available for a limited time at

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