Blackberry: a review


bath bomb

the product
The very first LUSH bath bomb! Blackberry is a classic fruity bomb that smells of juicy blackberries. Bergamot relieves tension, while frankincense wraps itself around you like a cozy blanket.

the ingredients
• bergamot oil: eases anxiety and depression
• frankincense oil: relieves anxiety

the results
Although Blackberry contains uplifting bergamot, it is the soothing frankincense that has the biggest impact on me when I use this bomb. While relaxing in the majestic purple waters, the luxurious essential oils lull me into a state of pure peace. Blackberry seems to take all of my worries away.

the verdict
I think Blackberry is a fantastic bath bomb as it is multipurpose. It can be used when you need to add a pep to your step, or you can use it to unwind at the end of a long day. Although Blackberry is a pretty straightforward bath bomb, it is easy to see why this little fella has been going strong since ‘89! I would recommend this bomb to everyone.

the price

the grade

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