Rockstar: a review


the product
There is nothing hard rock or heavy metal about this sudster. Scented with real vanilla, Rockstar shares the same fragrance as the Creamy Candy and holiday limited edition Candy Mountain bubble bars.

the ingredients
• glycerine: helps lock moisture into the skin
• vanilla absolute: comforting; soothing on emotions

the results
Rockstar is definitely a sweet soap; a scent that is very reminiscent of bubblegum. The soap does not lather much, like all other LUSH soaps, but does feel very creamy and smooth on the skin. My skin feels soft, smooth and moisturized even 24 hours post-shower. However, the scent does wear off after a few hours. Even though Rockstar is a creamier soap, I have found that I get a lot more uses out of this soap than other creamy soaps such as Honey I Washed the Kids or Snowcake. Rockstar does have the tendancy to shrink quite a bit over time, though. If you have a larger piece, I suggest cutting it into smaller pieces and keep what you are not using in the fridge (the cool air prevents the soap from shrinking).

the verdict
I am a fan of Rockstar. If you love sweet scents, or have drier skin, I recommend this soap for you! The only reason Rockstar does not earn an “A” from me is because it does shrink significantly over time.

the price
 $7.95 for 3.5 oz.

the grade

Rockstar is available for purchase on

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